At the October meeting, we were treated to a great presentation by Elke, Pam, and Wendy, the very personable owners of BOTANUS. They have been in the “bulb business” for over 20 years now, having started off with a small mail-order company that grew and GREW!

The slideshow of flowering bulbs was lovely, giving great suggestions including photos of various Alliums, Anemones, Eranthus, Fritillaries, Galanthus, Iris, Muscari, Oxalis, Scilla and more.  There were lots of interesting tips and facts about bulb gardening… plant in clumps not rows, let cut daffodils “bleed out” in water before adding other flowers such as tulips, snowdrops produce their own anti-freeze (!), Alliums are bee-magnets, wolfsbane was originally supposed to ward off werewolves!

The subject of forcing bulbs was discussed, and we were directed towards their website for details.  I found the appropriate video to be Episode 96… which brings me to add… they have Canada’s only Online Garden Club!  Check it out!  There are over 100 episodes to catch up on!

A big bonus for PoCo Garden Club members was that they brought many different bulbs (at terrific prices!) for us to purchase, and donated several bags for our 50/50 draw!

Thank you, ladies!  It was a super presentation!




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Fall is Here!

The PoCo Garden Club annual Harvest Supper was a great success with so many goodies to enjoy!  There certainly was lots of laughter and it served as the perfect herald to Fall!

There were many wonderful photos entered in the “Card Contest”.
Here was the winner!  Spectacular!

By now we are all thinking (or perhaps trying to put off thinking) about the inevitable Fall chores ahead! Here is a handy web link to get you organized!
Visit the website to read about 7 October garden chores from Margaret Roach!

Happy Fall!




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West Coast Gardens Journal

Thank you to member Carol D. for passing on this great tip!

West Coast Gardens is providing a handy 5 page journal to help you organize your gardening plans for next year! All you have to do is download and print!


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Lower Mainland Plant Sales

See the link below for a list of garden sales in the lower mainland for April and May.



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Ron Long “Orchids in Ecuador” presentation

What a fantastic presentation by Ron Long on his 20 day “photography trip” to Ecuador, with an expert orchid guide leading him into the thick forests and mountainous terrain! First, we had the chance to “armchair travel” as he showed us small town life and local customs while adding in his own entertaining stories.  Then we experienced the magic of his photography… orchids of every size and color, in splendid detail.  (It was a relief to hear that one “perfect shot” might have taken 10 to 20 or more photos from every angle!)  Who would have dreamed that an orchid of only 3mm could be so intricate!

In doing a little online research, it is evident that Ron Long has a passion for his photography as well as nature.  Who is Ron Long? In his words: “For thirty-six years I have been employed as a full time photographer at Simon Fraser University. For fifteen of those years I photographed exclusively for the Biological Sciences Department so I have a considerable amount of biology in my background and an abiding interest in nature photography.”

Check out his “About Ron”, where he is a photography guide for Wild BC Tours.

I also found some of his orchid photos on Flickr!

Ron has given many presentations at photography and garden clubs, UBC Botanical Gardens, VanDusen Gardens, Vancouver Orchid Society. It was such a treat to have him as a speaker at our PoCo Garden Club!



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Shade Plants

Thank you to Gwen Odermatt for a wonderful slide show (with fabulous photography, thanks to her husband!) on Treasures for the Shade and Pond.

Here is a Shade plant list from the presentation.

Petals and Butterflies Farm Nursery (no website that I could find… sorry!

Here’s a blog from another Garden Enthusiast with a few photos from Gwen’s place!



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Thanks to Dave Theobold, we enjoyed a very informative evening learning about composting!

You can find Dave’s recommended books (in the photo) at among other places.






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