Annual Plant Sale… coming April 28!

Don’t miss the PoCo Garden Club’s 27th annual plant sale!
Trinity United Church, 2211 Prairie Avenue, Port Coquitlam
April 28, 2018   9am to 12 noon

All plants are healthy, hardy, and locally grown in members’ gardens. From herbs and edibles to annuals, perennials and shrubs, you’ll get the best deals in town. Organic Master Gardeners will be on hand to provide free gardening advice. There will also be a bake sale, a raffle, and a garden-themed yard sale, plus 50% off Club membership when you spend $10 or more.

Members are already preparing to outdo their last year’s sale!


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Happy New Year 2018!

Happy New Year to all our members and fellow gardeners!

Our first meeting of 2018 was such an inspiration for the coming year!  After fond farewells to some of the retiring executive, we were delighted to meet the incoming volunteers.  Everyone seemed enthused and excited to try out their new duties!

It was obvious that Gordana spent many hours organizing and preparing the Slide Show of photos sent in by various members.   It was fantastic!  We viewed the past year across many venues… wild nature gardens,  cultured landscaping, baskets, pots, fields of flowers, vases of arrangements, snow covered winter plots, and gardeners doing what they love best… gardening!  Our fingers are now itching to get on those garden gloves again!

Here’s a great poster from “The Impatient Gardener” on Facebook:


If you haven’t checked out our PoCo Garden Club on Facebook yet, then you should make it a New Year’s Resolution!  There are wonderful photos, fun facts, and lots of great gardening stories!



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Aliens Among Us!

Look out!  The Alien Superweeds have landed!

Our guest speaker, Tasha Murray from ISCMV, the Invasive Species Council of Metro Vancouver, delivered a very important presentation about the hazards of invasive non-native plants.  (This non-profit society was established in 2006.)

Ms. Murray provided the definition as “non-native species that cause economic harm, harm to human health or environmental harm.  They are the second greatest threat to biodiversity worldwide, second only to habitat destruction”.  They are fast growers, often have few natural controls, and can choke out the natural vegetation.  Some are very toxic to humans (such as hogweed) and others can work their way right through roads and walls (such as ivy and knotweed).  The ISCMV works with coordinated activities throughout the province, including Provincial, Regional, Municipal, and First Nations groups. The Horticultural industry, Academic institutions, private landowners, and stewardship/ non-profit groups are all important contributors.  Solutions include removal/control, prevention, restoration, and education.  One plan, called “Grow Me Instead”, is a voluntary effort by some Garden Shops to suggest and sell attractive alternatives to potentially invasive species.

How do they arrive? Although some species were originally brought in by Garden Shops (lamium, knotweed), many are “hitch hikers” on car tires, ATVs, boat motors, and even shoes. Orange Hawkweed, for example, was found in the hay brought in for the artificial snow hills at our Olympic venues!

What can we do?  Be vigilant in using weed-free sources, be aware of what you are growing, avoid “fast-spreaders” and “vigorous self-seeders”, remove any invasive species being careful to contain any seeds, and ban invasive from garden sales.

Keep a watch for invasive species and report them accordingly!  Two easy to install Apps are:  Report Invasives BC and Report-a-Weed.


Visit for more information.  You can also follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram!   Contact Tasha at

There is a regional brochure that highlights the most common offenders.
Photos and descriptions of the full list are available at:

Another resource is, an electronic atlas of BC plants, mosses, lichens, algae, fungi, including invasive species.


Some of the most problematic plants are:

Knotweed (exceedingly difficult to totally eradicate) , Giant Hogweed (very toxic), Scotch Broom, English Ivy, Himalayan Blackberry, English Holly, Lamium (often sold in flower baskets), Daphne (Spurge Laurel), Yellow Flag Iris, Purple Loosestrife, Common Periwinkle, Orange Hawkweed, Garlic Mustard, and Parrot’s Feathers.

Some surprises might be: Baby’s Breath, Canada Thistle, Butterfly Bush, and St. John ’s Wort.

Of course, plants are not the only invasives! Other invasive species include Fire Ants, European Chafer Beetles, Bullfrogs, European Cottontail Rabbit, Eastern Grey Squirrels, and Quagga Mussels.   


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At the October meeting, we were treated to a great presentation by Elke, Pam, and Wendy, the very personable owners of BOTANUS. They have been in the “bulb business” for over 20 years now, having started off with a small mail-order company that grew and GREW!

The slideshow of flowering bulbs was lovely, giving great suggestions including photos of various Alliums, Anemones, Eranthus, Fritillaries, Galanthus, Iris, Muscari, Oxalis, Scilla and more.  There were lots of interesting tips and facts about bulb gardening… plant in clumps not rows, let cut daffodils “bleed out” in water before adding other flowers such as tulips, snowdrops produce their own anti-freeze (!), Alliums are bee-magnets, wolfsbane was originally supposed to ward off werewolves!

The subject of forcing bulbs was discussed, and we were directed towards their website for details.  I found the appropriate video to be Episode 96… which brings me to add… they have Canada’s only Online Garden Club!  Check it out!  There are over 100 episodes to catch up on!

A big bonus for PoCo Garden Club members was that they brought many different bulbs (at terrific prices!) for us to purchase, and donated several bags for our 50/50 draw!

Thank you, ladies!  It was a super presentation!




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Fall is Here!

The PoCo Garden Club annual Harvest Supper was a great success with so many goodies to enjoy!  There certainly was lots of laughter and it served as the perfect herald to Fall!

There were many wonderful photos entered in the “Card Contest”.
Here was the winner!  Spectacular!

By now we are all thinking (or perhaps trying to put off thinking) about the inevitable Fall chores ahead! Here is a handy web link to get you organized!
Visit the website to read about 7 October garden chores from Margaret Roach!

Happy Fall!




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West Coast Gardens Journal

Thank you to member Carol D. for passing on this great tip!

West Coast Gardens is providing a handy 5 page journal to help you organize your gardening plans for next year! All you have to do is download and print!


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Lower Mainland Plant Sales

See the link below for a list of garden sales in the lower mainland for April and May.



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