The PoCo Garden Club is pleased to have the following books available for members to borrow!  Please contact our Librarian, Dale Wilkie for further information.

List Updated: October 2018


  • Alpines- Mary Robinson


  • Armitage’s Garden Annuals- Allan M. Armitage
  • The Bedding Plant Expert- Dr. D.G. Hessayon


  • Growing & Displaying Bonsai- Lewis & Sutherland
  • The Master’s Book of Bonsai


  • Bulbs- The Time-Life Complete Gardener
  • The Bulb Expert- Dr. D.G. Hessayon
  • The Complete Book of Bulbs- Mathew, Swindells


  • Growing Clematis – Hall, Newdick, Sutherland
  • Making the Most of Clematis- Raymond Evison
  • The Concise Guide to Clematis in North America- Clearview Nursery
  • The Gardener’s Guide to Growing Clematis- Raymond J. Evison


  • Compost- Clare Foster
  • The Real Dirt

Container Gardening

• Flowerpots- Keeling
• Seasonal Container Gardening- Kathy Brown
• The Container Expert- Dr. D.G. Hessayon
• The Ultimate Container Gardener- Stephanie Donaldson

Dried Flowers

  • Dried Flowers for All Seasons- Berry, Raworth

Flower Arranging

  • Flower Arranging- Malcolm Hillier


  • Complete Fruit Book- Bob Flowerdew
  • The Fruit Expert- Dr. D.G. Hessayon

Fun Reading

  • Cougar Annie’s Garden- Margaret Horsfield
  • Crazy About Gardening- Des Kennedy
  • In Veronica’s Garden- Margaret Cadawaladr
  • The Garden Letters- Bradbury & Maddocks
  • The Real Garden Road Trip– Bradbury & Maddocks
  • Tottering in My Garden- Midge Ellis Keeble

General Gardening

  • A Year in Your Garden- David Tarrant
  • Best Garden Plants For BC- Binetti, Williamson
  • Best Plant Picks- Steve Whysall
  • Gardener to Gardener-Almanac & Pest Control Primer- Rodale
  • Palms Won’t Grow Here and Other Myths- David A. Francko
  • The New Twelve Month Gardener’s Journal- Stevens , Hungerford, Mitchell, et al
  • The Well-Tended Perennial Garden- Tracy DiSabato-Aust
  • Western Garden Book- 2012 -Sunset


  • Magic and Medicine of Plants- Reader’s Digest
  • Rodale’s Illustrated Encyclopedia of Herbs- Kowaalchik, Hylton


  • The House Plant Encyclopedia- Jantra, Kruger

Landscaping and Design

  • A Grower’s Choice- Michael Lascelle
  • A Place in the Rain- Michael Lascelle
  • Designing with Plants- Piet Oudolf
  • Great Ideas for the Garden- Canadian Garden Magazine
  • Making the Most of Shade- Larry Hodgson
  • Perfect Plant, Perfect Place- Roy Lancaster
  • Rejuvenating a Garden- Stephen Anderton
  • Seats and Benches- Spier
  • The Art of Perennial Gardening- Patrick Lima
  • The Dry Garden- Beth Chatto
  • The Woodland Garden- Forster, Downie
  • Walls and Fences- Schultz
  • Waterwise Gardening- GVRD pamphlet

Native Gardening

  • Birds of Vancouver- Bovey, Campbell
  • Grow Wild! Native Plant Gardening in Canada-Lorraine Johnson
  • Landscaping for Wildlife-Minnesota Dept of Natural Resources
  • Native Plants in the Coastal Garden- Pettinger, Costano
  • Natural Gardening- Taylors Guide
  • Natural Gardens- Canadian Gardening
  • Plants of Coastal BC- Lone Pine
  • The Butterfly Garden- Mathew Telusky
  • The Orchard Mason Bee- Brian Griffin
  • The Woodland Garden- Forster, Downie


  • Euphorbias- Roger Turner
  • Fern Grower’s Manual- B.J. Hoshizaki and R.C, Moran
  • Gardening with Hardy Geraniums- Birgitte H. Bendtsen
  • My Experience Growing Hardy Geraniums- Phoebe Noble
  • Perennial Gardening Guide- John M. Valleau- Heritage Perennials
  • Perennials- Early- Phillips, Rix
  • Perennials- Late-Phillips, Rix
  • Rodale’s Illustrated Encyclopedia of Perennials- Phillips, Burrell
  • Succulents, The Illustrated Dictionary- Sajeva, Costanzo
  • The Encyclopedia of Grasses for Livable Landscapes- Rick Darke
  • The Genus Hosta- W.G. Schmid


  • Bugs of BC- Acorn, Sheldon
  • How to Identify Rhododendron and AzaleaProblems-WashingtonState Univ.
  • Landscape Plant Problems- Byther, Foss, Antonelli, Maleike, Bobbitt
  • Living Things We Love To Hate- Des Kennedy
  • Natural Insect, Weed and Disease Control- Linda A.Gilkeson
  • What’s Wrong with My Plant (And How Do I Fix It?)- D Deardorff, K Wadsworth


  • Building and Using Cold Frames- Charles Siegchrist
  • Pirating Plants- Peter Toby
  • Propagation from Cuttings- RHS-Jim Gardiner
  • Seeds- J. McVicar
  • Seed Starting Primer & Almanac- Rodale Gardener to Gardener
  • The Unheated Greenhouse- Ronald H. Menage


  • All about Pruning- Ortho Books
  • Topiaries & Espaliers– Linda Yang

Public Gardens

  • The Riverview Lands- V. Adolph and B. Gillespie


  • English Roses – David Austin
  • Old Roses- R. Phillips, M. Rix
  • Roses- Sunset
  • Rose Companions- Stephen Scanniello
  • Roses for BC- B. Jalbert, L. Peters

Trees and Shrubs

  • A Garden of Conifers- Robert A. Obrizok
  • All About Evergreens- Ortho Series
  • All About Trees- Ortho Series
  • Covering Ground- Barbara W. Ellis
  • Daphnes- Robin White
  • Kalmia- Richard Jaynes
  • Our Sylvan Heritage- Susan M. Murray
  • Shrubs- Phillips, Rix
  • The Gardener’s Guide to Growing Maples- James Harris
  • The Tree & Shrub Expert- Dr. D. G. Hessayon
  • Trees of Vancouver- Gerald Straley


  • A Year on the Garden Path- Carolyn Herriot
  • Backyard Bounty-Linda Gilkeson
  • Extraordinary Ornamental Edibles- Michael Lascelle
  • Food Forestry North of the 49th- Richard Walker
  • How to Save Your Own Vegetable Seeds- Heritage Seed Program
  • Resilient Garden 2017- Linda Gilkeson
  • Salad Plants- R. Phillips, M. Rix
  • The New Victory Garden- Bob Thomson
  • Western Garden Book of Edibles- Sunset
  • Year-Around Harvest: Winter Gardening on the Coast- Linda Gilkeson

Water Gardens

  • The Rock and WaterGarden Expert – Dr. D.G. Hessayon
  • Water Gardens- Brian Leverett
  • Waterfalls, Pools, and Streams- Ortho
  • Waterlilies and Lotuses- Perry D. Slocum