President’s Message, Feb. 2012

What a wonderful spring we are having this February, hope this does not mean we will be having winter in April! Budding and ready to bloom in my garden, Schizostylis coccinea (aka Red Flag) usual bloom time, October or November …. hmmm? One must not question, just enjoy!

While enjoying the awesome weather, I took note of my favourite tools that I used while weeding, dividing perennials, and moving navy jack to expand the landing pad in my front yard….from Lee Valley Tools, the perfect gardening knife:

The Hori Hori Knife: *

A cross between a knife and a trowel, this tool is useful for many tasks such as planting, transplanting, grubbing, removing  deep-rooted weeds, dividing perennials, etc. Traditionally used in Japan to collect specimens for bonsai (hori means “digging”), the knife has a  heavy steel blade that is dished, with a serrated edge on one side, and a sharpened edge on the other. The handle is hardwood, the blade rust-resistant, and it comes with a belt sheath for easy carrying. And, to go with that knife…

The Perfect Pruning Gloves: *

These heavy duty waterproof gloves are great for jobs that require full arm protection. They’re made from nitrile, strong enough to to protect against punctures and scrapes, and the granular coating on the hand part provides an excellent grip of slippery items, such as rocks along a pond. There’s also an inner liner for insulation, but I wear mine with thin cotton gloves for a bit of extra warmth.  WARNING: rude comments may come from passers-by…..something about cows?

Last but not least, my “Original Garden Broom” (or as the other half calls it…. .my new car!)  I purchased mine at Art Knapps – it’s eco-friendly, ethically traded, an all season multi-purpose broom made from the coconut tree. Sweeping is Believing!  Do you have any  special garden tools?

*both available at Lee Valley Tools, (

Shirley Keski-Hynnila


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