President’s Message – Dec, 2011

December marks the end of my term in office as president of the PoCo Garden Club and I would like to thank all members for their support for me during the past two years. Especially I would like to thank my fellow members of the executive committee over these two years for all the help that they have provided and for their patience with me; I’ve learned a lot from them. I’ll still be a sitting member of the executive, as past-president, for another year and will continue to edit, and write for, our website ( We look forward to the presidency of Shirley Keski-Hynnila and thank her for her contribution to the club.

We have contributed much to our community over the past few years; our contributions to our Horticulture Endowment Equipment Fund at the University of the Fraser Valley now amount to a balance of more than $16,000. We contribute a third of the proceeds from our annual spring plant sale to the fund so it will continue to grow as any purchases made from the fund are taken only from accrued interest. With time this fund will increase substantially and purchases made by the university are sure to have a positive impact on students who are preparing for a career in horticulture.

As usual, we are contributing generously to our Christmas program to help single mothers in the community to ease the stress of providing for children at this season and to make Christmas more enjoyable for them. Thank you to Kathy Johnson for offering to accept the responsibility for that position this year and to Pat Pryce and Jean Lee for the years that they spent organizing and fostering this worthy cause. Our volunteers are helping to maintain plantings at Hawthorne Lodge and for plantings initiated by the Port Coquitlam Business Improvement Association. This year we donated a park bench to the city of Port Coquitlam to commemorate our 20th anniversary and we will continue to look for opportunities in the future to benefit our community.

I would like to extend a strong thank you to all volunteers in the club, those mentioned above as well as the many who help with duties at the meetings and for other chores, such as those performed by Julie Yung – the time and effort she expends to arrange for horticultural outings is much appreciated (as is her good humour). A special thank you is due to Inge Clarke whose culinary skills and enthusiasm is, apparently, boundless for the efforts she has made to make our Xmas dinners, anniversary get-togethers and visits to her garden experiences to astound a food fetishist. Thanks, too, to those who open their gardens during the summer season, providing us with an opportunity to see new gardening ideas and to quaff down gallons of punch. Any club is dependant upon these volunteers to function smoothly and I’m confident that members will continue to step forward as positions become available to help keep our meetings and activities unfolding as they should.

Happy season’s greetings to all and I will see you at the upcoming Xmas dinner on Dec. 20th when we will again be enjoying Inge’s creativity as she has devised a tropical Hawaiian dinner, with Hawaiian music, and leis for the guests; there will also be special entertainment. Thank you and we’ll see you there.


Jim Thorleifson


About pocogardenclub

PoCo Garden Club Established July 5, 1990 by Len Cuddeford P.O. Box 631, PoCo Depot, Port Coquitlam, B.C. V3E 6H9
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