One of our club members, Mark Stephens, is having a plant sale – Mark is well known for having rare and unusual plants on offer.

Sale is on Sunday May 22nd from 10-4 pm. Come early for best selection.

3952 Hamilton Street, Port Coquitlam

No tiny wimpy transplants here! My starter plants are 8-10″ tall, sturdy, dark green, labeled and in 3 1/2 ” pots. You won’t find better quality plants anywhere.

2011 Heritage Tomato Offerings:

Pineapple- very large fruit up to 2 pounds. The fruit are two-toned in shades of yellow and orange. Makes for a great slicer for sandwiches or quartered for salads. One of the highest yielders in 2009 production. One of Mark’s new favorites.

Oxheart – medium sized heart-shaped fruits in a dark red colour. A high amount of flesh in this meaty tomato. Fruits look great as hanging hearts on the tomato vine! Original seed from Leo from Europe.

Red Zebra-a medium weight fruit up to 4 oz. This 2’4” long fruit is red with light yellow/pinkish stripes. Not only beautiful to look at but extremely tasty.

Goldust Orange- small to medium sized fruit( 2-4 ounces). Develops into a bright orange skin colour when ripe. Super, sweet tomato for salads or cut into wedges. Grows well in pots or in the ground.

Black Brandywine – large fruits up to 1 pound. More of a purplish colour than a true black. Like others in the brandywine series, this has been around for ages. Loves the heat of a wall or in large pots on a sunny deck.

German Johnson- large fruiting pink tomato variety. This one can reach up to 6” across. The pink exterior , when cut in half reveals pink, yellow, orange blends of meaty flesh. A heavy producer on a not so large plant.

Galina- small, golden yellow cherry tomatoes about 1” in diameter. This is one of the sweetest of all cherry tomatoes. I bet you can’t eat just one! This one grows very tall and produces masses of fruit all summer long.

Green Zebra- small to medium 2-4 ounce fruit produced on leafy plants. The fruit are unusually coloured- green and yellow stripes when fully ripe. These look good in a salad or mixed bowl of heritage tomato wedges.

Mr. Pointy- this is a paste, plum tomato type. The 3” long by 1” wide fruit are bright red in colour. This one is great for cooking and using in sauces and stews. Very meaty with little juice.

Snow White- this cherry tomato is round about ½ to 1” in diameter. The unusual colour, whitish /pale pale yellow make it look interesting in any salad. This variety is a heavy yielder even in pots.

Cupid- red, grape tomato. These grape-shaped fruits are sugary sweet and bear in abundance. The fruits are ½ to 1 “ long and grow equally well in pots or in the ground.

Yellow Pear- pear shaped cherries producted in abundance.Tall grower that needs staking.Yield is incredible!

Tiny Tim- not a true heritage tomato but has been around for a long time. Red, 1” cherry tomato fruits on dwarf stocky plants. Self supporting and the first tomato to ripen each summer makes this a winner variety. I would not be without this one. Small size makes it great for pot culture for use on balconies and decks.

Several other varieties of tomatoes not mentioned will also be available.

Saskatoon berries, hops for beer making, cranberry plants, yellow raspberries,yellow strawberries,hardy edible ginger, figs, asparagus roots, black currant( consort & crandall varieties), rhubarb, red currant, josta berry, red strawberries, red raspberries, blue berries, jeusalum articokes,horse radish plants,goose berries, thornless raspberries & thornless blackberries.

Basil,Rosemary, chives,lemon balm, begamot,wild leeks, oregano,lavender are a few of the herbs offered.

Please bring a box or crate to put your goodies in!

Free bag of bulbs for puchases over $40.00!


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PoCo Garden Club Established July 5, 1990 by Len Cuddeford P.O. Box 631, PoCo Depot, Port Coquitlam, B.C. V3E 6H9
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