PoCo City Hall – Favourite Border

Below are a few photos of some of the PoCo City borders that we have been following throughout the year (see below) that were taken on Oct 3, 2010. As you can see they are still showing a lot of colour. PoCo’s horticultural staff are to be commended for making use of perennials in their landscaping as the results make for beautiful borders that truly raise the quality of municipal planting to a higher level of design.

I feel that perennial plantings are also lower maintenance and cheaper, in terms of plant material, in the long run and that is certainly a consideration for taxpayers. If lower costs are debatable (a possibility) then the greater beauty of the perennial plantings alone makes it worthwhile.

The thin border to the south side of city hall; it is starting to thin out a bit, held together mostly by the asters (Michaelmas daisies) but still holding up well when one considers that we started photographing it in March and that it has been colourful since that time.

The main border to the west of city hall along Shaughnessy Street; I think it looks better now than it has all year; it’s hard to beat a foundation of Michaelmas daisies and Japanese anemones supported by other fall blooming perennials.

This is the border near the swimming pool at the north-east corner of  Shaughnessy and Lougheed that was recommended by a reader as her favourite earlier in the year; it too is holding up splendidly. Upon looking at it more closely I see what appears to be a white semi-double Rugosa rose that had just a few flowers left and I’m wondering if it is ‘Blanc Double de Coubert’ which is reputed to have been Vita Sackville-West’s favourite rose. I’ll have to have a closer look at it next year.

As a garden book collector I’m always on the lookout for Vita’s books in used book stores – so far I’ve only come across one, ‘Some Flowers’ where she writes short essays about 25 of her favourite flowers, accompanied (in my edition) by fabulous illustrations of them by Graham Rust. Someday soon I’ll fire up my scanner and post some excerpts from this book.

Vita was, first and foremost, a novelist and poet but for many years she wrote articles for various magazines and wrote regularly for English newspapers. She acquired a large following for her garden writing and just may be the best all-round writer on gardening – period. Google her, as there are lots of her newspaper articles floating around the web and she is a delight to read.

As for the municipal borders that we started discussing in this post (before my Sackville-West tangent), we will post more through November and beyond if these borders continue to produce (Cyclamen coum perhaps?). But, like most good things, it can’t go on forever.

Jim Thorleifson


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