Open Garden – Pam & Serena

This August members of the garden club attended open gardens at the homes of two members/neighbours (Pam and Serena), who garden in tandem, who live in north PoCo on the lower slopes of Burke Mountain. Both gardens are roughly two acres in size and left many of us envious as such large gardens are rare these days.

They are to be commended for their efforts as both gardens are beautiful and truly qualify as woodland gardens. Envious I might be, but remembering all the work that was involved in planting my townhouse garden I wonder at their heroic ambitions in taming these rugged natural landscapes.

When I arrived I felt as though I was in the deep woods but they are in fact close to all of Coquitlam’s and Port Coquitlam’s amenities. Development of the gardens is ongoing and, beautiful as they are now, they are likely to be more beautiful as time passes. We look forward to seeing them as they develop.

Below are photos of them and include both before and after photos as well as a few that I took myself. (Hover your mouse over the thumbnails for a description of the photos):


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PoCo Garden Club Established July 5, 1990 by Len Cuddeford P.O. Box 631, PoCo Depot, Port Coquitlam, B.C. V3E 6H9
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