Presidents message for May, 2010

The annual plant sale of the PoCo Garden Club fast approaches us, on Saturday, May 15th this year. Members have been hoarding cuttings and divisions of favourite, or prolific, plants to be offered for sale at our meeting place, at Trinity United Church, 2211 Prairie Avenue (corner of Shaughnessy), in Port Coquitlam. It is best to be there early as lines form to get in and the atmosphere can sometimes resemble pandemonium as people search for the perfect specimen to add to their own gardens.

This year we will have 12″ hanging baskets on sale for $25.00; they were very popular last year so we have increased our order for 2010. We are also holding a sidewalk sale, a bake sale and a raffle at this year’s plant sale so there should be something for everyone. Doors open at 10 am, so be sure to be there.

We will have a membership table at the plant sale so if you’ve been contemplating joining the garden club it would be a convenient time to do so. Members enjoy knowledgeable speakers at every meeting and there is always something to be learned from some of our members who are expert in one aspect of gardening or another. You’ll also be able to ramble on at length about gardening without boring anyone – worth the $20.00 club fee all by itself.

I’d like to thank, in advance, all members who have contributed plants to the sale as the proceeds will help us to purchase a much-needed Power Point projector as well as support our charitable activities in the Port Coquitlam area. Thanks to them too for their time and effort to organize and assist at the sale.

This month’s Presidents message is somewhat brief, but I’ll be doing some rambling of my own on our website ( with other articles. If members who do not have an online computer to access the site would like copies of articles that do not appear in the newsletter just ask and I can print a copy for you.

Jim Thorleifson

President, PoCo Garden Club


About pocogardenclub

PoCo Garden Club Established July 5, 1990 by Len Cuddeford P.O. Box 631, PoCo Depot, Port Coquitlam, B.C. V3E 6H9
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